What foods pair well with coffee?

Most people don’t just drink coffee only, but they have it with their breakfast or with something- that they’re going to eat. So, the choices that can be made with coffee can sometimes be deliberate, and few things can be done to – bring out the characteristics of the coffee and the food as well.

The first thing to do is to analyse the predominant flavours in the food. Which ingredients and flavour notes stand out the most on the first impression? A successful pairing should carry these notes forward to develop an experience that is harmonious on the palate.

After analysing the flavour, one should check the notable characteristics of the food such as the temperature, and textures contained within it. These two characteristics are important to understand how the food will feel in the mouth and what kind of drink pairs well with it.

There is a wide spectrum of the palate, but everything comes down to personal preference.

You can experiment with your palate for as long as you want. In the meantime, we created a list of food that pairs well with coffee, as a reference for beginners.


It might come as a surprise for you that fruits can pair well with coffee. But most berries, such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc., make a fabulous compliment to coffee. Berries pair well with Yemeni or Haitian coffee.

Dark chocolate

The pairing of dark chocolate with coffee is almost irresistible. The bitterness of the dark chocolate offers a refined counterpoint to espresso.

Butter croissant

Coffee complements and intensifies the sweetness of these flakey delicious French pastries. A plain butter croissant goes well with the coffee from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Columbia, or Peru.

Eggs and Bacon or Sausage   

This American-style breakfast pairs well with medium-roast coffee. The delectable smell of the medium-roast coffee wafting through the house when enjoyed with this bare-bone breakfast is all you need for the perfect start of the day.

Pancakes with maple syrup

What can complement better than the pastry flavours of this light, fluffy, and delicious breakfast when paired with a bold yet sweet cup of joe. Kona and Nicaraguan coffee set off beautifully with this classic breakfast.

Coffee cake  

Coffee cakes go so well with coffee that you can’t order one without implicitly mentioning the other. Coffee cake with all its creamy deliciousness tastes even better with the medium Hawaiian or Nicaraguan roast.


Yet another delicious food to pair well with- coffee. Different types of doughnuts go well with different types of coffee. But the sweetness of the doughnut offset the Costa Rican coffee, especially one made more on the milky side.

French toast

This crispy, toasted bread goes so wonderfully with the cup of joe that it’s only natural to mention this delightful pairing. Light or medium roast Costa Rican, Columbian, Guatemalan, and Brazilian coffees are great with this simple breakfast.

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Even though they are healthy, but we guarantee that nobody, and we really mean nobody, can resist the giant, chewy, fresh oatmeal cookies with a cup of joe. Preferably laced with plenty of cinnamon and spices, and loaded with moist, plum raisins, these cookies are ideal for pairing with a macchiato or medium-roast Kona or Nicaraguan coffees.


Cheese would normally spring to mind when pairing with wine, but this relatively low-calorie meal compliments the flavour of a more mellow cup of joe quite nicely.