The very reason packaging exists in the first place is to protect your products from getting damaged during the transit process, as well as while it sits on shelves in stores or warehouses waiting to be shipped to customers. The packaging of the coffee should be done meticulously to assure the integrity of the beans or grounds.

The packaging is helpful in providing information to the customer- like where the beans are sourced, optimal brewing instructions, and more. This helps sell the coffee by giving potential customers the information they need to make their purchase decision without having to speak to the brand representative.

A good coffee packaging bag is made up of carefully crafted films that serve as an effective barrier against moisture, ultraviolet rays, dust, and a range of other environmental factors that can degrade the quality of the product. These films are made up of strong, flexible materials that do not get damaged easily.

At DON CARLOS, to ensure the highest quality till our coffee reaches consumers, we opt for the vacuum-sealed bags as they are the modern version of flexible packaging. This version of flat bottom bags compared to paper boxes saves us up to 30% in packaging material, making it a highly efficient and eco-friendly way of packaging. Block bottom and four corners seal structure help the bag stand up straight even when containing heavier coffee bean products. Good quality and hygienic materials are used to prevent exposure of the coffee to moisture and odors and save it from getting spoilt.