Use Leftover coffee to make coffee iced cubes

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There are numerous ways to make use of your already brewed coffee. Our favourite one is – turning it into coffee ice cubes to enjoy it with a perfect glass of iced coffee or iced mocha.

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Adding coffee ice cubes instead of regular ice cubes in your iced coffee will not only elevate the flavours but even help in saving your drink from watering down. Coffee ice cubes keep your iced coffee rich and full-bodied.  

How to make coffee ice cubes: 

Making coffee ice cubes is quite simple.

Add your brewed coffee or leftover coffee to a clean ice tray and freeze it. Use it the next time you want to enjoy a velvety cup of iced coffee or smoothie. Although coffee ice cubes stay for up to 2 months without going bad, make sure to change them occasionally, as the quality of the coffee degrades over time.

Store it well:

Coffee ice cubes shrink easily, or worse, they even disappear. Shrinking or disappearing happens due to sublimation. During the process of sublimation, coffee ice cubes transition from a solid-state (ice) to a gas state (vapour) without passing through the liquid state. This occurrence is most common in frost-free refrigerators.  

Coffee ice cubes are kept below-zero condition maintaining the solid-state. However, they get exposed to low humidity conditions with air coming in and out during the opening and closing of the fridge’s door several times.

Make sure to store your coffee ice cubes in a Ziplock bag or a container that fits your ice tray. Alongside ensuring that your coffee ice cubes don’t change their form, storing them in such a manner will also help prevent the blending of unwanted odours from other food or drinks.


Make your iced coffee or iced mocha or macchiato richer and more flavourful by adding milk, cream, or sweetener to the coffee and then freeze it for variations.

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Perfect for skincare: 

Coffee ice cubes can be used as a skincare routine. The anti-inflammatory property of ice helps in rejuvenating the skin. And the antioxidants and nutrients present in coffee increase circulation that gives a healthier skin.

There are several skin benefits from applying coffee ice cubes, such as it helps in eliminating wrinkles, acne, sunburns, dark spots etc.

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